Preparing YOU for the post COVID-19 real estate market.

Dated: April 2 2020

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What is Unknown:

  • When will the post COVID-19 real estate market take shape?
  • How will the market react in terms of pricing?

What is KNOWN:

  • I am working full time to prepare my clients for entry (either as a buyer or seller) into the post COVID-19 real estate market
  • Interest rates remain low and are attractive to buyers
  • There are many people who live in NYC, Hoboken, Jersey City in tight quarters who, after a long period of self-quarantining, are already beginning to search the suburbs for more space (both in terms of living space and yard space)
  • The "remote work requirement" will cause companies and workers to reconsider their locations.
  • Properties are being shown (I have virtual tours and virtual open houses for all of my listings) and properties are closing (with modifications to ensure everyone's safety)


  • If you are considering selling or buying, contact me at 908-868-4800 so we can begin the conversation to position you for success in the post COVID-19 real estate market.
  • If you know someone who is considering a change (especially moving out from NYC, Hoboken, Jersey City or other urban areas), I welcome you to pass my name and number along to them.

Be healthy and safe my friends!

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